Less than one-tenth of one percent of people are celebrities– living that high life—nightly parties, mansions, yachts, limos, and Beverly Hills shopping—gracing the covers of magazines (or their own magazines!)…

Then there’s the rest of us, actually, the best of us!

Welcome to Fabulously Average

the site for the fabulous girl, living in this average world.

Fabulously Average is a site for those of us who burn the candle at both ends—working our 9-5, supporting our marriages, raising our children, serving our communities, driving ourselves—and doing all the things required to navigate this average world.

But we’re not average–YOU’RE not average.

In our everyday lives, we excel at something else: Being Fabulous. We run marathons, host podcasts, win awards (not the Emmys!), perform with bands, paint, write books…simply put, we are the fabulous ones.

Fabulously Average is here to celebrate the fabulous, in all of us. Our vision is that this site becomes the “People Magazine” for real people—like you. We’ll cover fashion, beauty, home & lifestyle, fitness & health and perhaps, a career corner; with the focus on you. Unless they are being used for inspiration, no one-tenth-of-one-percenters, will grace the covers of this site.


Thank you for visiting. Be here, be you, stay fabulous!


We understand you.

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